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3 March, 2016

Starting a blog, again

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I’ve been wanting to get going again with a blog for a while but never got around to it. I’ve been slowly transitioning from primarily doing media production to more web-based design and development for the past few years so I want to have somewhere to chronicle what I’m learning and doing along the way. So to start with, there’s this site. As of right now, when I’m re-launching it, I’m using a free template for WordPress.

It might seem odd for me to be touting my capabilities as a web designer using a pre-fab template, but for the moment, it suffices. I will build a custom template in the future, but for right now I’m more concerned with having something to start with that I can build off. One goal is to document what it takes to build a template in some detail. It’s been challenging in the past as I’ve researched what’s needed to build a template because WordPress tells you the minimum you need for a template and gives some help along the way, but I haven’t found anywhere that gives a more comprehensive view about what kinds of pages you should account for, how you should organize things, how to deal with things like different post formats, menus, widgets, and more.

So as I’m learning, I want to share that information here so that others can learn from my research as well.

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