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5 March, 2016

Who I Am

I’m Rob Lahoda, I love traveling and I’ve been working with all kinds of multimedia and web technology for over 15 years.robportrait

My first love has always been still photography. I went to Ohio University and graduated from the esteemed Visual Communication program in 2003 with a degree in photojournalism. Along the way, my interest in mixing media began as I experimented with various forms of slideshows of my photos. I started with PowerPoint and eventually worked up to teaching myself Adobe Premiere. At some point I just realized that I should try making a video since I was using video software. Starting with fun little projects I eventually grew to the point of wanting to major in Video Production as well. By the time I graduated in 2004 with that degree as well I had taught myself Adobe After Effects and was fairly proficient in the software. My editing skills grew to include Apple Final Cut Pro and I also learned some audio production using ProTools.

For a long time after graduating I was happily doing my video, photography and motion graphics work. My field increased to include live video production and video engineering, including designing and building an HD-SDI based multi-camera production system. But I am ever curious and had been playing around with my own website for a few years. Over time I taught myself CSS and basic HTML and started using a Textpattern CMS. I knew I wanted to invest more into my web design skills so I pursued a master’s degree in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University which I finished in August 2015. By the time I graduated I was fully proficient in HTML and CSS and had experience with PHP, API calls and Jquery while also learning about project management, UX design and various other aspects of the web design process. My thesis project was an interactive documentary about Usher Syndrome built on a WordPress platform with a custom theme.

Along the way through this journey I’ve worked in a few different places doing mostly video production, though currently I do a crazy combination of video production, photography, graphic design, web design and a little audio production here and there.

I do freelance video production, photography and web design and would love to talk to you about any projects you have going.

You can e-mail me at: rob@roblahoda.com

Or find me on Twitter: @rmlahoda

Or Facebook at Lahoda Media