Putting My Work Out There

March 03, 2016

My "day job" is a corporate position and the majority of the work I do is for internal use. I build web pages, produce videos and spend a lot of time on stuff that nobody outside of my company will ever see. It also means that when I think about trying to do freelance work or something I don't have anything to show for it. It's kinda frustrating and discouraging. I have been learning and researching a lot of web technologies but never really getting a chance to use that knowledge since I don't have freelance projects to work on. On top of that, I'm always intimidated by the many amazing designers and developers I see online and I know I can't compare to them.

So I was feeling pretty frustrated about this a few days ago and I was watching some other videos about Flexbox when I came across a video of a talk by Zoe M. Gillenwater titled "CSS Lessons Learned the Hard Way." It's from Generate London 2014 and really helped me feel better about just finding ways to get my work out there and not being afraid of not being perfect. If you're insecure about being imperfect, watch this video and remember: even those amazing designers make mistakes. Sometimes they're small and nobody knows and sometimes they're bigger and actually affect other people. But they're not perfect either. So just give it a try and be willing to be imperfect and learn as you go.